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Real estate auctions are everywhere these days. And with more and more properties being offered at auction, it is imperative that you know the ropes before venturing into the realm of competitive bidding. Here are some interesting facts about real estate auction:

1) Not all auctions are due to distress situations. As a matter of fact, the best auction properties are just the opposite. The properties that do well at auctions are the ones that everyone wants ... the lake lot on the point, the corner commercial lot in the busy area, the mountain house with the 360 degree view. These, properly advertised, can often pull more than market.

2) Not all properties sold at auction on the courthouse steps are lien free. Many property's have liens, such as federal tax liens which may force you to hold the property for up to 90 days until the tax issues are resolved.

3) Most properties can be purchased prior to auction. The reason you would want to do this is simple: TERMS. You can negotiate all terms prior to an auction, but the auction itself is bound by the terms and conditions of the auction. If you need special considerations, try to make your best deal up-front.

4) Very few real estate auctions are absolute. Most have a reserve and are sold subject to seller's confirmation. If you are planning to low-ball, be aware of what kind of auction it is and you will avoid a lot of wated time.

5) The auctioneer is in charge. He or she may pause, wait, encourage, suggest or do anything else to encourage more bidding. I once paused during an auction to give a bidder a moment to "think about it." The person with the current high bid was enraged, saying I had to proceed with the call. Sorry, I work for the seller, not the buyer, and it is MY OBLIGATION to get the highest bid possible.

I'll be posting more auction tips in the future, so please subscribe to my Blog!



Foreclosures seem to be on everyone's mind these days. If you are a property owner facing foreclosure you may not know which way to turn. If you are a property buyer, there are so many buying opportunities out there that you may have trouble deciding on how much to offer, and which properties to purchase.

There is a time to go it alone, and a time to seek professional advice. The market is changing daily, and discretion is often the best part of valor. If you are overwhelmed by the current state of affairs in the real estate world, I strongly recommend that you immediately find someone that you can trust to help you develop a good strategy that will benefit you n the long run.

Wow, huge news! United Realty Group has affiliated with the most powerful real estate marketing brand in the world, and we are now Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers.

We now have all of the benefits of powerful National Marketing, fantastic brokerage tools, and incredible name recognition. We will still maintain our friendly, down-home courteous service, but now, we are able to put all of the pop of an International brand into our real estate enterprise.

But come see for yourself. You are cordially invited to come by and visit our fantastic Newnan real estate facility! We look forward to meeting you and serving your real estate needs!

Memorial Day weekend, and we are as busy as ever. One of the interesting things about selling real estate is that it always a good day to sell property. We received two offers today, and many inquiries about the lots for sale at lake West Point.

The lots at the lake are going to move quickly, they are a red hot product!

We are still seeking land to auction in the Metro Atlanta area. Land is usually an excellent auction product, and auction is an excellent way to determine true market value of land.

Many sellers have questions about auctioning land, so I wrote an FAQ seller page here!

Very busy today. There is a lot of interest in West Point Lake lots as the summer heats up. We can send a full color information package to anyone who registers here,

Also, we had open house at the Enclave at Durham Lakes.

We went to Thomaston Georgia today to preview some new homes and property. Thomaston is the county seat of Upson County, and is a fast growing community, If you are looking for new homes in Upson County, or need lot for building, call today!
We have a five week cycle between our regular auction, so we had time to place a special auction in the rotation. It's a beautiful RV park and resort for sale in Carroll County GA. The auction is scheduled for April 6, 2007 but that could change soon.

I sent the following email today regarding the Coweta County Sign Ordinance:

I think that the original legal issue is not being addressed by any of these suggestions. The 14th amendment of the Constitution of the United States allows for equal protection under law. The Fayette County court case became an equal protection issue. If you allow any signs on the right-of-way, then you must allow all signs on the right-of-way. There can be no legal exceptions.
The County has already failed with respect to equal protection. The officials charged with enforcing the law have already indicated that different entities will be provided with varying levels of protection under law. You can't separate churches, subdivisions, builders, realtors, yard sales or anyone else with different levels of enforcement. For whatever reason the county is not concerned about the obvious exposure to litigation.
The courts have also ruled that free speech issues can be controlled with regard to aesthetics, you can place a conforming sign on your property containing any speech you desire to present to the public, but local governments can direct the size, shape, look and construction of such notices, however, they cannot control the speech content.
Advertising is not a speech issue. Local governments can use zoning regulations to control commercial advertising, such as billboards.
Everyone has their own specific concerns, but the overriding principle should be that if anyone is granted the right to place a sign, then so are all persons and entities entitled to equal protection. We will be right back where we started.
The auction is Saturday, and we are expecting a nice crowd. Sometimes buyers are a little intimidated with the auction process, but we try to make the process simple and easy.

We have some good properties this month so hopefully, someone will get a great deal!

The Real Estate Auction business is really taking off. We will auction 16 properties next week, July 21 at the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers office in Newnan GA. We have really honed the auction process so it works smoothly and everyone seems to have a good time.

Hopefully we'll have a nice crowd!

It's Auction day, and we have tons of things to do. We have many that are pre-registered so we have to prepare for a decent amount of participants. There are legals to double check, logistics, and everything else that you would need to do for selling 13 properties! Good luck to us.
Got this comment today:

Your web site is too crowded with info.. tried to find some land or house, but too much junk on site, went to someone else's.

Well, sorry if we provide too much information. Most real estate agents don't even look at their websites, they just buy one "out of the can!" This site is created by hand, every graphic, every image, every word, and it is the culmination of a lot of hard work.

Also, this site is free, we don't make any money off of it ( in fact it costs tens of thousands of dollars to keep the site operational) so if you go to another site, who cares? OH BTW, all you have to do is select the "Search all Listings" button and you can search the entire GAMLS for any kind of property that interests you!

Auction business is piling up. I try to get all of the signs finished, but I'm having problems keeping up. As soon as I get the signs, I'll have to print brochures for all of the properties, and then get them delivered.
Welcome to my Blog. Seems like every day some salesman calls me and tells me about the importance of having a blog, and for a small fee (usually several thousand) they will be glad to set one up for me. The fee includes "canned" or "piped" information from some RSS feed somewhere, which essentially is fake, not a blog at all, just a gimmick to make the agent believe that someone will actually think that the agent has the smarts to write something on a daily basis.

As it turns out, I have a little experience with the Internet. My first website was activated in 1991, and is still active, but dated. 15 years of experience makes me an Internet old-timer! You can still visit it at I also have the number one Smoky Mountain Photo site in the world, at which has millions of visitors yearly.

Also, on this site, Coweta Fayette Realty, I have created everything that you see and experience. If you like it, great, I'm proud. If you don't like it, it's my fault, blame me. A website of this magnitude takes thousands of hours of work, so there is plenty of opportunity to make mistakes. I really try hard to make this site unique and special. This site is the number one agent website in the Southeast by traffic, according to Alexa™ rankings.

So anyway, the thought of someone else providing me with bogus blog data seemed like it would be cheating the visitors to this site. So I have decided that I will write my own blog, thank you very much. I will make every attempt to update it daily, and I will try to be entertaining and maybe even a little bit inspiring.

However, the pesky real estate business interferes with my creative and artistic endeavors, so if I have work, why not let me work for you! (Shameless, self-serving plug!) Its the best way to get your property listed on this mega-site, and it just might help you get top dollar for your listing!

It's the day before Thanksgiving, but work is hectic at the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers real estate office as all of the agents are trying to arrange their work schedules around the holiday. As contractors, we don't get paid when we don't work, so it takes careful planning to make sure that are customers and clients are continuously served, even as we take a day to reflect and offer thanks.

Owen, Tom and I met today to discuss how the market has changes and evolved over the last few years, and we came to some startling conclusions:

1) The average consumer does not understand buyer's brokerage and the benefits offered by it, usually at no cost to the buyer.

2) The average real estate agent is not providing the level of service needed to facilitate the buying process for the client purchaser.

3) That by maintaining the highest level of service, bound by contract, we would provide our clients with their best possible real estate purchase scenario!

Although that sounds simplistic, it is not as easy as it sounds. In exchange for commitment from us, we will ask the same of our clients. Unless we work from a position of legal representation, we cannot perform our job to the level that our clients deserve. So on Monday, we will be deploying a new method of delivering the highest quality service to those seeking our services! I can't wait.

Thanksgiving Day, 2006. As I sit drinking my coffee in the kitchen, everyone else sleeps. I am mindful of all of the blessings that we have here in Coweta County Georgia, and all across America.

It would not be possible for any of this without the efforts of the brave men and women of our armed services. I would like to extend my personal gratitude to each and every one of you, and I wish you Godspeed, and a safe return home soon.

For the first time that I can remember, my daughter will not be joining us for Thanksgiving dinner. She recently moved to Pennsylvania and has elected an extended Christmas visit in lieu of today's festivities. She will be missed.

However my nephew, recently moved to Kissimmee, will be joining us for the first time. Funny how life takes twists and turns

So, I had better start making breakfast, and there is a large dinner to prepare as well. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

While most are out shopping, it's off to the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers office to begin preparing for our December 9 auction of 70 acres in Bibb County Georgia.

Auctions take weeks of preparation and proper marketing to get the most potential buyers to the sale, So I'll leave the shopping for another day.

Saturday, and a rare day off. My nephew Jason from Kissimmee is making his first visit to Atlanta, so it's off to town for us.

We start at Turner Field, and the Olympic Monument. We see the spot where Hank Aaron hit home run #715 breaking Babe Ruth's record. Then we go to the State Capitol, and Underground Atlanta.

Afterwards, we trek past the Georgia Dome and Phillips Arena, then it's the Varsity for a truly Atlanta lunch experience. We then took a walking tour of Georgia Tech. Then off to Emory.

We see the mummies at the Carlos Museum, walk the campus and then we head South to the airport, where we watch airplanes takeoff and land for an hour or so.

Exhausted, it's back home for supper and college football on TV.

Time to get all of the Christmas decorations out of the basement and on display. I got the wreathes on the front of the house installed, hard to believer there are 18 windows to decorate. I also set up candles in each window, and spotlights on the house. It looks great!

Inside, I got the tree up and most of the decorations set in place. We had to refer to photos from last year to remind ourselves of what went where. We got most of the work done, but trimming the tree will have to wait until we are less tired.

Somehow, in the middle of the day, I found the time to show property and take some photos of listings.

Started working on a brochure for the Bibb County land auction. I also arranged for and additional auctioneer to be present for the auction.

At lunch, I ate with the United Realty Group gang at Chick-Filet. This is a ritual since we moved into our new office, and is indicative of the camaraderie and team spirit exuded buy the agents at our office.

Got the brochures addressed and mailed, and attended one of our free training classes at United Realty Group. Spent some time working on the website, and had several customers call about listings.

Looks like the Auction should be successful, we are now planning a regular real estate auction on the third Saturday of every month at the United Realty Group office.

It's crunch time on the Bibb County land auction. I sent an email to all of the MLS agents today, advising on the auction on Saturday, December 9. Although auction seems to be a simple, straightforward process, there are many steps which must be taken to guarantee a successful auction.

I have scheduled the helpers, and advised all of the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers agents to be aware that the office will be in use for that time. I have contacted the land owners and briefed them on what to expect! Now come the full court press!

Got the last of the Bibb County land auction brochures out today, and we already have had a significant response. I have two offers coming in on the land, hopefully to sell prior to auction.

One of the best things about auction, is that it creates a sense of urgency on behalf of the buyers. Sine the time frame for sale is definite, there cannot be any indecision or fence sitting. Many times in auction, the property is sold prior to the auction itself. It's a great way to instantly stimulate interest in a property.

Owen has been working hard finalizing two lease/purchase contracts at Rocky Creek in Pike County. We still have homes available for lease purchase in Henry County Georgia. We really do try very hard to work with clients with special requirements, such as those that are in the process of repairing their credit, or have a home to sell, or have a particular situation that is not conducive to a purchase right at this moment.

It surprises me that a lot of people with credit issues don't even try to purchase a house. They don't realize that in many cases, there are loan programs that will allow them to purchase NOW, and since we are in a buyer's market, sellers are often willing to be flexible with closing costs and possible down payment assistance.

Saturday is a regular workday in the real estate business. We have properties to show and business to catch up on. Business is picking up prior to the end of the year,

It is still possible to get your dream home in time for Christmas, but time is running short!

I manage to sneak a round of golf in this Sunday morning at Flat Creek, but the afternoon brings the usual demands of the real estate business, as the website needs to be updated, and all of the end of November listing expirations must be dealt with.

The Bibb County land auction is less than a week away and I've got a thousand things to do.

We are in the final countdown for the Bibb County land auction. We are negotiating some contracts, but it looks like the auction is on! I still have to get some directional signs ordered, prepare the contracts, create a PowerPoint presentation, and line up the helpers for Saturday.

In addition, our conventional real estate business has really picked up, so it will be long hours and working well into the night for the rest of the week for us!

I got up at 5 A.M. to get started on final preparations for the Bibb County land auction. It's going to be close, but it looks like we'll manage to get everything done in time.

In the meantime, we are working lots of buyers, so time is precious. I hope to finish by 8 P.M. tonight but right now, that seems iffy!

You would expect things would be winding down for the holidays, but business is really picking up. We are working with a lot of buyers amidst our preparations for the auction.
Pearl Harbor Day. Didn't notice any kind of mention of this fact on the news. Seems like the importance of historic significant events is dwindling as time goes on. Makes me think of the quote "those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it!"
The auction is tomorrow, I have picked up the signs and balloons, but am still running behind on some preparations. I have to finish the PowerPoint presentation, some of the paper packages still need to be assembled, and some last minute negotiations are taking place.
The day of auction was finally here, and we had several call-in bids, but were not able to meet the reserve amount. That being said, the auction was very successful because several potential buyers are taking a good, hard look at the property. I am certain that this property will move soon!
Sunday, a day of rest, sort of. I have to catch up on a lot of Internet stuff, and make plans to contact buyers about auction.

Eureka, I have just conceived a brand new auction plan that is second to none. I can't wait to tell Owen and Tom. If all goes right, I can have this program available by week's end!

Two weeks until Christmas, and the new auction plan is conceived. We will auction any property in Georgia for $495.00, and keep auctioning it until it sells. Not a web auction, but a real live auction with a real live auctioneer!!! (ME)
I can't believe the positive response that I am getting for my new auction plan. It will be on the third Saturday of every month, right here at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers.

I have to present it at the weekly sales meeting tomorrow, as it will be the last one of the year. I have lots to do to prepare.

I really don't get enough time to properly sell the auction to the agents. This will be the last sales meeting of the year as Christmas is just around the corner.

I attended a few open houses today, but the January 20 Auction is on my mind!

I listed nearly 35 acres in Carrollton today, to be placed in the January 20 auction. It's a great piece of property with a nice little rental house on it, super property that is sure to get attention!
It's the day of the company Christmas party, and I am really looking forward to attending. I go home early to change and pick up the wife, and my covered dish, Italian sausage.

I made the sausage at 4 A.M. this morning, in a homemade sauce that simmered for two hours. After marinating the sausage in the sauce all day, a warm-up in the oven, and its off to the party.

We all had a great time at the party, but its not unusual for the URG group to get together. We frequently go out to lunch in a large group, and we are like a large and extended family.

Saturday, and it's off to the office to catch up on a few things! I need to see a client about a new listing in Clem. Georgia. It's a super large house that needs a little TLC, but someone is getting a bargain.

I get the listing and soon, I'll get the property online!

My daughter arrives from Philadelphia in the evening, and we spend some time together talking and catching up.

Sunday should be a day of rest, but I have a lot of work to catch up on, so I'll keep the laptop on as I watch a game or two. My daughter is content to read and chat, and we spend a nice quiet Sunday at home.
I can't believe that Christmas is just a week away. My daughter is off to visit friends, and I'm off to the office to work. Real estate is a lot of paperwork, and quite a bit of follow-up is required.

I feel the stress starting to accumulate as work begins to be backlogged, and we are running behind on housekeeping items.


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